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If you have been served notice under the Party Wall etc Act, it is your right to appoint your own Surveyor to represent you. You may feel that the information provided to you is inadequate or do not have confidence in the expertise employed by your neighbour.

We at Christopher Anthony Surveyors would be pleased to assist you in order to not only safeguard the potential risk of damage to your property, but ensure that your safety, security, privacy and continued enjoyment of your property is also considered.

Dissenting to the notice is not dissenting to your neighbours project but requesting that a written agreement (An Award) is put in place which includes a survey of your property to capture the condition prior to works commencing.

At Christopher Anthony we will assess the project proposals on your property not only look at the initial impact on your property to ensure that the correct professionals and calculations have been completed and your interests safeguarded but the long term issues that could arise long after the builder and architect have moved on.

If you dissent to the Party Wall Notice and appoint your own Party Wall surveyor, your surveyor’s role would be to administer the Party Wall etc Act 1996 and ensure that your property is fully protected.  Under the Party Wall etc Act 1996 Act the building owner (your neighbour) is responsible for your appointed Party Wall surveyor’s reasonable fee. 

We are a London based firm with offices in Hackney, East London. We cover all of the London Boroughs and undertake a large volume of projects in Islington, Tower Hamlets, Newham and Haringey as well as the Home Counties.

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We had a rush to find a Party Wall specialist and spoke with many companies. Tony was by far the most approachable, knowledgeable and quick to understand what we needed and started the next day including contacting both neighbours and explaining the process. It was completed with minimum fuss for everyone concerned. Highly recommended.