Service Of Notice


A notice is simply the Building Owner informing the Adjoining Owner the works they propose to undertake. When a Notice is served the Adjoining Owner is expected to reply within 14 days, and if does not do so then it is taken that they dissent to the work and Party Wall Surveyors are appointed to resolve the dispute.

However, it must be noted that the Building Owner and Adjoining Owner may come to any agreement they so choose at any stage and this is to be accepted by the surveyors.

Service of Notice

  • Land Registry Search Fees to verify neighbours identity & address
  • Providing explanatory notes
  • Form of Consent
  • Serving the notice with a stamped envelope assisting in their prompt reply.
  • Providing  follow up 'Ten Day Notices' if the neighbour fails to respond

 Our fee is £50 plus VAT this is a total fee for all notices regardless of how many owners/neighbours.

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